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Disruptive Innovation that supports your business

A great headline but what does “disruptive innovation” mean…. Despite what theorists like Clayton Christensen might say, in today’s marketplace, it means the process of developing new products or services to gain a competitive advantage, often involving emerging technology. In other words, a Business Transformation that gives you options to grow and generate new markets and revenues. 

Is this possible now?

UK business leaders believe that Digital Transformation is causing underlying issues between their strategy and technology deployments. Additionally, most businesses are ill-equipped to manage this new type of change. To compound this, over 50% of Senior Leaders believe their businesses must transform over the next 5 years or become consigned to history with the recent pandemic accelerating this need.

Digital Transformation is so hard to get ahead of, as Forrester Research recently noted: 

‘Most businesses plan for change linearly – Plan, Budget, Execute, and Measure – You know and understand that change is hard, you know that resources are limiting, you acknowledge competing priorities, and you act pragmatically. You always try to, but actually never quite manage to move faster than your organisation can keep up’

Meanwhile, the new breed of Digital Transformers are building next generation experiences. They don’t have  baggage. They are not on another planet as a lot of people Just Imagine them to be. They are actually in the cloud using emerging technologies. What they are doing there is riding the wave of exponential change and pulling further and further ahead of larger companies. 

What should you do to compete and transform?

  1. Acknowledge that your Customers both internal and external will always move faster than your business can keep up. 
  2. Understand your customers through insights  
  3. Use this data in every part of your business to delight your customers with new ways of doing business

This will go a long way to helping you align Strategy and Technology to create new markets and revenues.

Doing is hard

Really, it is hard. You may not need me to tell you about legacy systems. To remind you of the problems caused by existing chains of command and control. We have all fought against outdated procedures and governance that strangles innovation at birth.

Even if you are a great leader and can deal with all of the above there are still a few missing elements. You need to have a structure for innovation. You have to be able to have at least part of your team “move fast and break things.” Getting that buy-in from the business to do this is based on your ability to build a vision of the future that is different from today. Because, you, of all people know that technology is radically transforming the business world.

Would you like help with that?

You may be constrained by not having the expertise and specialist resources internally to make your vision happen. You know you have to make a difference or your company is in trouble.

At Just Imagine we can support your transformation helping you bring in new business and increasing revenues. You know that automating processes is not as valuable as creating new digital business opportunities. We can help you convince your board that you can do it.

With specialist knowledge we can bring added value to your business. This creates a choice of  game changers that support your goals and objectives.

You may find yourself requiring IT leadership on the board but worried about the cost of a full time  CTO/CIO to help deliver your goals.

Utilising our Fractional CxO approach – Just Imagine IT leaders can support you with your Digital Transformation at a fraction of the monthly day rates costs of an Interim or consultant.

Call or mail us to find out to talk about your current experiences and what is needed next for your business.

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