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BME has a comprehensive warehouse management module.

The warehouse module allows you to control where your inventory is stored.

You can create as many warehouses, aisles and bays as you like in as many tiers as you like. These warehouse locations are unique and you can attach environmental parameters to them. These parameters my include such things as maximum weight and maximum size of an inventory item, whether the bay is temperature controlled or even whether it has restricted access.

The warehouse locations, may be given numbers or names, so you may have Warehouse 1, Aisle 12 with WIP (Work-In-Progress) Bay, or Quarantine etc. This means that Bays can be given roles which can be defined as needed, such as the allocation of goods for use in Sales Orders, or for specific Jobs, such as items for repair or inspection.
You can have multiple warehouses at multiple locations and you can configure the system so that inventory orders placed at a particular geographical location, are only pulled from the inventory available at that location.

Inventory may have permitted locations, which would only allow that item to be stored in the warehouse locations listed.

In the BME single company environment, Inventory may be transferred from one location to another.

In the BME multi-company scenario, warehouses may be “owned” by different companies. Inventory is managed within the owning company structure and cannot pass from one location to another, without a financial transaction, if the target location is owned by a different company.

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