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Non-Executive Director/Coaching & Mentoring

Each journey takes a varied and individual direction with multiple destinations for each along the path, especially within the ever-changing Digital Transformation world. Our goal is to help you imagine your future and make it happen.

Non-Executive Director

It is becoming a common sight for a business owner or leaders to gain in confidence when they have a trusted expert at their side to support them adapt to changing market places. A NEDs experience can help navigate obstacles and sign post resources to support growth and profitability at an accelerated pace by strengthening the strategic direction of your business. NEDs can support you with a range of differing skills from offering a different perspective, transforming your culture, balancing business risk against operational challenges, identifying M&A activity and supporting you raise additional investment. All whilst you still work on your business.


Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is an effective approach in developing you to achieve your maximum potential. Both have grown in popularity recently, with many leaders using them to enhance their skills, knowledge and performance to achieve specific skills and goals. Hiring a coach or mentor can allow you to accelerate your business sooner than you thought possible. There are a multitude ways of supporting from basic ‘sounding board’ to ‘devils advocate’ all using our bespoke App to provide constant and continual engagement.

As experienced leaders ourselves we can help you and your team develop to to the max, ultimately leading the charge to your new Digital Transformation and Strategy.

Now, Just Imagine developing your skills, accelerating your business strategy and receiving a personalised one-to-one for less than the monthly cost of a living wage employee.

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