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Programme and Project Execution

Portfolio management is a business, strategic process for co-ordinating successful delivery across an organisation’s entire set of programmes, projects and other related activities. When you get into Portfolio management, you are dealing with a large collection of interrelated projects and programmes that somehow have to work in a collaborative way to realise a positive and common outcome. You are also working in a much closer relationship with your client and stakeholders to the programme, so skills such as strategy definition, communications and stakeholder management become more critical. We can offer you a leadership function that can define your PMO and project teams as well as the all important delivery process.

Every project needs a project execution, this helps outline step-by-step how you are going to keep a project on course, on budget, and release it on time. Typically your project execution should incorporate everything, from the scope of the project to a deliverable plan.

You will have access to access our team who has the credentials, foresight, energy, and connections to turbocharge your business transformation starting with a project execution plan.

No matter if the project your team is working on is set to last 1 week or 12 month, our approach is focused around the Just Imagine framework consisting of:

  • Problem
  • Innovate
  • Implement
  • Scale-up
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