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BME can be integrated with your existing accounting system, or an online accounting system, such a Xero, QuickBooks, Sage or any other accounting system, which has integration APIs.
BME also has an optional integrated accounting module.

The accounting module has all the conventional accounting reports and additional user configurable reports.

If you have the multi-company version of BME, you can have each of those companies utilize their own individual accounting environment

Should there be any particularly special accounting functions, which are unique to the way your company works, Computech can customise the accounting module to meet those individual needs.

BME Accounting also supports multi-currency transactions. All currency transactions are converted to your base currency, which is used by the ledgers to provide the accounting reports.
In the multi-company version of BME, stock owned by one financially independent company cannot be allocated to an order, where that order originates from a different financially independent company. However, warehouses may be shared with different financially independent companies.

As with many areas of BME, there is a dashboard, which may be configured on a user level, to contain custom lists and charts displaying user designated data from the accounting module.

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